Back on Land, Working Hard

On the Pineapple Express train at Dole Plantation

Monday August 27:

Making port- the crew work to anchor the Hi’ialakai to the docks at Pearl Harbor

We’re back!  Hi’ialakai docked on Friday morning, depositing us on the surprisingly not rocking island of Oahu.

The thing we were most excited to go out and consume after a month at sea- frappucino

Last weekend was a mandatory ‘vacation’ for both of us, to recover from the cruise and get our land bearings again.  We spent most of Friday dealing with base passes and unloading, so the fun didn’t start until Saturday.  At first we made a bit of a hash of things, driving around aimlessly and wandering through the aisles of grocery and big-box stores for hours, contemplating different things we could buy for dinner. Freedom to choose at last!

The pineapple farm had gardens with many species of the foreign fruit

We slowly improved our game, and had some very fun adventures including a visit to America’s pineapple experience, the Dole Pineapple Plantation on the North Shore.  We also enjoyed a myriad of icy treats and nice coffee, including frappucino and shave ice.

We went to the pineapple farm as a joke- it is a very popular tourist destination, and typically something we would pass.  However, we couldn’t help having a good time riding the Pineapple Express train through the fields, exploring the giant pineapple-shaped hedge maze, and enjoying a mostly pineapple-based lunch in the cafeteria.  The grounds are free, and have a nice fish pond and well done gardens with all different kinds of the spiky fruit.  We each paid a nominal $5 fee for the activities, and Simon easily ate $20 worth of pineapple in free samples distributed around the Plantation.  It was really a wonderful day!

The amazing view from our new digs

We have also been enjoying the view from our new digs, which is high enough up that we can see IN to Diamond Head crater.

Simon whipping up something tasty in the fancy kitchen. We love the Schneider’s home!

Now that the fun vacation is over, we are back to the daily grind.  Lauren’s priority is getting meeting abstracts and a paper submitted, and Simon’s is downloading data, dealing with a mysterious Unix compiler, and fixing the flooded hydrophone.  In a week or two, we will begin staging our shore-based experiments for Oahu, soon to be followed by Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.

Updates from Monday September 3:

Happy Labor Day!  In the midst of unloading, getting back into work, and settling in to our new room, we rather forgot about this blog post 🙂  As summer draws to a close in Honolulu, the weather isn’t changing but the tourist load is lessening and throngs of University of Hawaii undergrads are back.

View from the top- hiking behind the Schneider’s house to Lanipo peak
Sunday afternoon polo. A last minute decision resulted in a fun-filled afternoon and a truly Hawaiian take on the traditional sport
Sunday afternoon polo, played on a field between the mountains and a beautiful beach

Although our biggest concern is the flooded hydrophone computer, we are currently waiting (sort of patiently) to hear from the data recovery people before deciding if the hydrophone array can be fixed or not.  In the meantime, we have plenty of other work to keep us busy. All of last week was spent typing and coding furiously, and this week promises to be more of the same.  We are both itching to get back into the water soon!

The Honolulu skyline appeared over the ridge as we hiked back down late in the day.

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