Herschel Supply Co Review

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Review for Hershel Supply Co Small Network Pouch

TIMG_0121his is my first Herschel product, and I am blown out of the water by the high quality. Being a female over the age of 12, I’ve gone through countless purses, pouches, bags, bag organizers, etc. Many of them tear, develop holes, or have the zips break within a few weeks of life. After two weeks of use, I can tell that Herschel is different.

The fabric is a heavy canvas, with a sturdy, smooth lining (Herschel signature poly) in a contrasting color or print. The zipper is heavy brass and functions smoothly, with a nice leather pull. There are an impressive range of cute prints and solids on backcountry.com, ranging from subtle to bold. The pouch lays flat and measures 7.25″ wide by 4″ tall.

Slide1I started out using the pouch as an on-the-go wallet (my ‘regular’ wallet is huge) for a couple of credit cards, cash, and a house key. The pouch does this well with room to spare. I’ve branched out to use it for storing office supplies for days that I work in cafes (USB sticks, chargers, pens, and sticky notes) – an elegant grown-up pencil bag. I haven’t had the chance to do any overnight travel since receiving the pouch but checked that it would definitely accommodate compact toiletries for a long weekend trip, too. It is so useful that I’ll definitely be needing more than one!

I cannot reiterate to you how impressed I am with the high quality over similar products I have used in the past. Joey loves to play with the pouch and make the zipper go, and I often find myself holding on to it in my pocket or bag because it is just so pleasant to have in your hand. I’ve paid more for items far less nice. This is well worth it – go for it! If you’re looking for a fun holiday gift, start with this pouch and fill it with camp utensils, travel toiletries, or bike tools 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Herschel Supply Co Review”

  1. This might be useful in Africa.  Next summer I’ll be in Turkey and Oregon.  All my bags eventually year and split. Maybe I should test these too! 


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    1. Mike, Herschel makes a wide variety of bags including backpacks and luggage. I’d like to try out something bigger next, they seem extremely durable.


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