Simon & Joey at Sandy Point, Mathews, Virginia. September 2014

This blog has evolved from a travelogue of two ocean-loving adventurers (Lauren & Simon) to include meandering thoughts on ocean science & conservation, eco-friendly lifestyle, being a husband-wife scientist team with a family, and adventuring with babies. Team F are all about enjoying the world that we live in and bringing the little ones along for the ride. We’re partial to activities in and on water, but we do our fair share of camping, hiking, backpacking, and snow sports too. Both Simon and Lauren developed their love for science, water, and the natural world via exposure at a very young age. They have become quite passionate about giving that experience to others, especially with their own children.

married at Lauren's family home in Mathews, VA June 2011
married at Lauren’s family home. Sandy Point, Mathews, Virginia. June 2011
Boba Wrap
Joey arrived  in San Diego, California. August 2013

Lauren is a native of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA who grew up loving the ocean. She met Simon in Auckland, New Zealand while on study abroad in his hometown. They immediately bonded over scuba diving and ocean science. After a complicated series of events that Lauren now sums up as “going all in and winning,” the two managed to meet again just under a year after Lauren’s first departure from New Zealand to travel the Pacific by plane, North America by car, and land at Scripps Institution of Oceanography , UCSD where they were employed as graduate students. They both graduated with PhDs in Oceanography in late 2013, the same year that their little ocean-lover, Joey, joined the team. Team F spent another few months traveling before settling down in Alexandria, Virginia. Baby fish Blake arrived at the end of 2015. Simon & Lauren are now both Oceanographers at the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC, USA.


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